Spin City Newbury Charity Summer Ball 2019 - the info!

It's only a month to go until the big night and we are all getting excited! I thought I'd give you an update on what we are doing and more importantly, what we are doing it for.

As often as we can we try to arrange some fundraising and over the last couple of years have run training sessions and jams to support our local homeless population as well as last months awesome scratch night which raised over £340 for Newbury Soup Kitchen/HAVEN (a donation which was doubled by donating via The Good Exchange, well done gang!) 

This year we decided that instead of arranging our usual annual student showcase, we would go bigger, sparklier (who even thought that was possible?!) and much more ambitious - and would try and raise loads of money to support some important charities.

The Charities...
The first is Berkshire Women's Aid/Refuge. BWA provides a range of services to enable women in situations of domestic abuse to make choices about their future and to rebuild their lives. We chose to support BWA for obvious reasons - who doesn't want to support women? But it's more than that. Spin City Newbury is a hugely female dominated environment - we have our boys too, but 98% of you are women. And some of you are women who have experienced domestic abuse, and have needed this type of support. As it stands currently, funding for BWA is dramatically falling short and they're in danger of having to cut resources and we just can't let that happen.

Our second charity of choice is MIND. MIND are a well known mental health charity, who are constantly campaigning for awareness, support and respect for every person who experiences a mental health problem. They provide an excellent resource in the form of their website, which has quick links to being able to talk to someone, what to do if you need urgent help and fact sheets on a huge variety of mental health problems, amongst much much more. This charity ties in well with another of our huge focuses at Spin City Newbury - we know that your hour out of the house each week to come and hang out with us could be the thing you look forward to, and we look after each other - charities like this provide us with important resources to be able to do that.

The final charity is Newbury Cancer Care who provide local support and care for people who have been diagnosed with cancer or other life threatening illnesses. They offer practical help and information to patients and their families living in West Berkshire, and are the parent charity for the Rainbow Rooms and the Rosemary Centre at West Berks Community Hospital. This one was a personal request from one of our own, who has experienced first hand the support this charity can provide for a family member when they're in need. Local, smaller charities are often overlooked, so it's our pleasure to be able to support them.

The Event...

For those of you who like all your information in one place... Look no further! 

When is the Summer Ball? 
1st June 2019 from 7pm - 11.30pm

Where is it going to be held?
At an incredible brand new venue called Forest Edge Tipis - the ladies who own and run this venue, Angela and Aimee are so lovely and dedicated to making this evening incredible, they've had some really great ideas! The tipis will be set up at Brightwalton Village Hall, RG20 7DH

What is the dress code?
Fancy AF. I'm expecting ball gowns, sparkles or flipping smart suits (if you want to be as fancy as Mr W you're gonna have to go tux) and shiny shoes. Don't mind who wears what though... 

Is there food?
Yes, the lovely lads at Leaf or Sizzle are coming along to provide food. There'll be veggie, vegan and GF options, but I will need to know ahead of time if you require these so keep an eye out please for an email request or facebook poll for that information!

Okay but what about a bar?
Oh yes, a fully stocked and staffed bar is provided by the glorious venue! There may even be a sneaky Spin City twist... (no, they're not going to be upside down while they pour your drinks. Not this time anyway.)

Hmmm, sounds okay but a bit dull.
You're joking, right? 
We have the incredible Rachel Mayes, Kassia Portas, Claire Andrews and Roxy Storm coming to entertain you with circus inspired acts. We have the beautiful Catharine Fewtrell coming to ease you all into the evening with her beautiful singing. We then have a DJ and a dancefloor (what more do you need really?) OH and a motherflipping PHOTOBOOTH provided by those lovely people at Party Delights! Also we're all just thoroughly entertaining.

I'm convinced I'd like to come but I've never been to Spin City...
We don't mind at all and would LOVE to see some new faces. You don't have to be an existing student - just be open to donning a posh frock/suit and partying with us while doing your bit to raise some dosh for the charity pot! 

Where can I buy tickets?
Just... HERE and they won't break the bank at only £30 including your food!

I've just realised I can't come. Can I contribute to these worthy causes any other way?
You most certainly can... We are running a huge raffle alongside the ball to increase the donations, and we have some epic prizes in store! Contact me at spincitynewbury@gmail.com if you'd like to buy some tickets and do your bit! A full list of raffle prizes will be coming up in next weeks blog post!